SoSTrades is a multi-purpose cloud based simulation management and execution platform, designed to explore complex system of systems scenarios in a collaborative way.

GitHub hosted by OS-Climate
  • Graphical user interface features : web based, multi-user, interactive publication-quality graphs, simple/advanced/experts level [Angular, Flask, NodeJS, NGINX, plotly]
  • Collaborative features : multi-users cooperating on same study, trace-ability of inputs modification, trace-ability of  validation of inputs & outputs
  • Users management features:  access rights management, groups, encryption [LDAP/SSO]
  • Simulation management features :  study unique ID and permalink,  studyóprocessómodules trace-ability, execution cache to allow incremental computation when studiying alternate cases
    access to studies as components [REST API and HTML widget remote application dashboard display]
  • Simulation definition features : prescriptive description of couplings to be performed with automated detailed coupling handling, various coupling numerical strategies available as plug-ins [GEMSEO]
  • Simulation execution features : cloud based execution as components on set of infrastructure resources [Docker, Kubernetes]
  • Numerical features : advanced optimization formulations available (multi-objective, multi-scale)
  • Full cloud componentized object oriented application developed in Python3 and SQLAlchemy/MySQL

Core simulation assembly and scheduling is based on IRT Saint Exupery open-source GEMSEO product, that is providing the prescriptive coupling and coupling plug-in capabilities, and has been significantly extended in SoSTrades
(advanced data types, name spaces, multi-scenario…)

#Outsmart climate change